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Black Lives Matter 
Spring 2020

The 1st of June, 2020 I helped a friend move to Oregon.  When I turned on the local news and saw the protests happening in Portland, I said to myself, “I need to be there”. When I arrived, there was anger.  As I see it, we’re in the middle of “spiritual warfare” - fighting among each other instead of coming together.  But when they heard my music playing, Martin Luther King Jr's speech, and Native American music, the anger started to simmer down and people started to dance.  People began talking on the microphone through my system.


Later when the violence started up again, I said I didn't want to be here for this violence. Where can we go? Someone said let’s go to the steel bridge - so we all danced in the streets to the bridge.  There were 1000 people in front of my truck and 1000 people in back. We all walked like a parade peacefully to the bridge dancing. We told speeches and talked about Justice and what we can do to make change.  This opportunity for service led me to continue peace work on down the way home.

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